Below is a list of NUE presentations in program order. Click on a presentation title to access and download a PDF copy.

Jerry Hatfield:  Why Is Untangling Water and N Stresses So Difficult? 

Tony Vyn: Genetic Changes and Nutrient/Water Stress Interaction Consequences for...

Rick Behrens (Winfield R7): Using RTN and Field Forecasting Tool in N Management

Nicos Keable-Vezina (Field Apex):  From the SCAN.AI Algorithm to the Field APEX App  

Dimitris Zermas (Sentera): Using RGB Imagery to Identify N-Deficient Corn Leaves

Bob Gunzenhauser (Granular): Granular Agronomy N Management

David Chaffin (YARA):  Bringing Precision to Crop N Management By Integrating the 4Rs in... 

Ziru Liu (Climate): Climate FieldView N Monitoring Tool - Overview and Research

Emerson Nafziger: Estimating the Return to Variable-Rate N

Tyler Nigon:  Computing Uncertainty in the Optimum N Rate Using a Generalized Cost Function  

Elizabeth Eickhoff: Influence of Preplant N and Phosphorus Applications on Winter Wheat...

Jasper Teboh: On-Going N Use Efficiency Research on Wheat and Corn in Carrington, ND

Jim Schepers:  Will Bio-Stimulants Help Meet Crop N Needs?

John Jones: 4R Nutrient Stewardship for N Management: Case Studies and Ongoing Research

Kyle Holland: Crop Nutrient Recommendation Using UAV Mounted Active Optical Sensors

Mike Schlemmer:  Image Processing Considerations for Improving Acquisition of Crop... 

Peter Kyveryga: Challenges of Calibrating/Normalizing Aerial Imagery

Nathan Stein: Challenges and Benefits of In-Field Multispectral Mapping and Scouting

Laila Puntel:  What Dynamic Factors Matter Most for Corn N Prediction?  

Peter Scharf: 2Rs: Enough to Increase Corn Yield, Halve Nitrous Oxide, and Reduce Drainage...

Eric Lund: No Easy Button with N Management, But Soil Sensing Can Help

Lance Conway:  Can Planter and In-Season Sensing Be Integrated to Improve NUE?

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